Hi, this is Deb, born and brought up in Kolkata. Currently working in Kol. in the capacity of Sales Executive in an UK based bespoke software company. Sounds boring 🙂 I know 🙂 🙂 Always being very passionate about my professional life unless something is missing in my life. You can always reach me out at majumdar.debdutta@gmail.com , 9038465460,  www.linkedin.com/in/debdutta-majumdarhttps://www.facebook.com/debdutta.majumdar . Always excited with tours and travels specifically in high altitude…yeah you got me…the mountains!!!
The mountains always gives back to me the meaning of life, the reason of being alive and what it takes to survive…it kicks me out of my comfort zone towards a better human being and inspires me for my next big journey. Hence it’s always the white altitude that keeps me going… special thanks to the group with whom we always travel and wish that is true till the end of our life…Special thanks to my Adorable Mother and Sister (they are the Strength & Weakness in my small life)…

Life is waiting for you…###…please follow your heart ruthlessly inspite of hurdles from family and friends…it’s 1 life, 1 shot, no re-take, no re-shoot, it’s live…
Live it or Leave it… 🙂


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