A very personal feelings to start with my first blog…

It’s always tough for the very first time…u know 🙂 It’s the first blog of my life, hence feeling something under the belly…:) Yesterday I was going through a Quora blog – “Who is India’s most famous travel journalist?” Once I’m done with the topmost personality, I casually clicked on her website – https://the-shooting-star.com/ . The rest is I’m over here with you guys! Her name is Shivya Nath. She is just a girl who travels. Left her 9-5 corporate job at the age of 23 and started a nomadic life. I was inspired to hell and bound to embrace my instincts. outoftheblue.blog is a piece of myself that will be there as a remnant (as a part of me) when I’m not playing out there…:)

Hope you will be by my side…Just a beginning, lots to come out of the blue!!! 🙂
Your thoughts, comments, likes, shares would be highly appreciated.